FUNORAMA Solo Exhibition - curated by oracelle


On Sunday, March 10, 2019, we opened FUNORAMA - an ORACELLE-CURATED SOLO exhibition of our dear friend AND LOnG-TERM CLIENT, BERLIN-BASED ARTIST EITELART , showcased at Galeries Lafayette Berlin in honor of their new season’s topic for Spring/Summer 2019.

Funorama takes you on a FUN tour throughout the EITELART universe, PRESENTING A selection of MARTIN BUENGER’S portfolio and showcasING a significant panorama of his works.

As curators, we wanted to create an exhibiton that engages people with modern art in an every day context, like a department store.

We thought about what might catch the eye of spectators that may have biases or feel a distance towards modern art. How could we engage people to connect with the paintings of the autodidact?


Since the exhibition takes place in a department store, we CAME UP WITH THE IDEA OF “styling” the art pieces like a FASHION look.

By adding playful textures, light and objects that refer to the extract of every painting or emphasize it’s core sujet, we transform the 2D painting into the real world and intensify the emotion it might provoke with the spectator.

This idea also perfectly correlates with the idea of EITELART: facilitatING access to contemporary and affordable art and abstract painting without the classic distribution via a gallery. EITELART alloWS all kinds of reception and interpretation. Thus, the invisible barrier between work and spectator vanishes.

My images speak for themselves and to the spectator who may find their own access to the paintings. There is no right or wrong with EITELART.
— Martin Buenger, EITELART

The exhibiton runs until April 1st and will be closed witH aN OPEN finissage including live painting by Martin Buenger on Friday, March 29 from 5-8 pm. visitors will be invited to take part in the creative process of painting and decision making.


yours, TEam oracelle

all images by @TonyaMatyu